My background

After a fine art degree I studied at the KLC school of design where we studied interior design and furniture style from 18th century English and French style. and then worked for various companies from Laura Ashely to monkwell where I used to be in charge of dressing the London showroom and photo shoots to creating the new collections with the design director. I went on to work with various high end companies in London and also specifying fabrics for high end projects, hotels and the superyacht industry.

Specifying fabrics with hotels such as Stoke Park with the then owner Roger King directly or even selecting fabrics with Philip Tracy on the G hotel in island. Whether the project is domestic or commercial the same principle applies. To listen to your clients needs and wants and the brief in question and deliver something unique and beautiful and functional to them and their needs. You are a councillor, confidant and importantly must be able to listen and deliver.

20 Years Experience

With my 20 years experience in the field I have a wealth of experience in all areas, and also have a fantastic black book of suppliers and trades contractors to help on projects and bring the whole process together to fulfill the brief.

From my fitting theme to a fantastic upholstery and fabric suppliers I can deliver clients needs on every level.

My aim is to deliver bespoke, fresh and inviting interiors using textiles and colour that form together with existing pieces and furniture we have found on eBay or at auction. My aim is to deliver interiors which the client will love and want to be in. Our spaces are so important now even more so since Covid. I can help with interior layouts and from a practical point of view what will work well for you and your needs.

I am a great listener and interpreter and clients feel at ease with me.